Seattle book signing and workshop this September

The Daniel Smith Store Seattle

I’ll be at the Daniel Smith store in Seattle this September doing book signing on the 28th and a workshop on the 29th where I’ll be demonstrating a brand new apple painting.

Please call the store on (206) 223-9599 for more details and to book on.

I hope to see you Pacific North-Westerners there!



  1. Jullane Rich

    Please send me information about Anna vist to your store

    25th April 2017 Reply
  2. Deborah

    Do you ever teach in the the eastern part of the US>?

    4th May 2017 Reply
  3. Debbie

    Has your visit to the Daniel Smith store in Seattle already happened or will you be there this September 2018?

    15th February 2018 Reply
    1. Anna Mason

      Yes sorry Debbie, it’s been and gone. Now I have a young baby so won’t be stateside for a while!

      21st February 2018 Reply

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