TV appearance in Florida

Anna Mason interviewed on ABC7 in Florida.
Anna Mason interviewed on ABC7 in Florida.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Florida, teaching at the Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota.

I was so excited to be interviewed for ABC7 out there. What a buzz!

You can check out the 5 minute interview here:


  1. Sandra

    Congrats!!!! Great interview!!

    18th February 2015 Reply
    1. Anna Mason

      Thanks Sandra!

      19th February 2015 Reply
  2. Lovely interview. I hope to one day be able to take a class with you in person!

    19th February 2015 Reply
  3. Gilberto Rivelino

    Congratulations!! ; you look beautiful! 😉

    19th February 2015 Reply
  4. Lawrence Huzi

    Anna, your interview was just wonderful! Love your work

    26th February 2015 Reply
  5. Patricia Parker

    i was lucky enough to be in Sarasota on Anna’s course, she is a brilliant teacher and I had a wonderful two days.

    26th February 2015 Reply
  6. Anne Eskell

    Well done Anna, A lovely interview. You looked lovely too, as fresh and as natural as the flowers you paint.. What a credit you are to our country. So very well done.

    26th February 2015 Reply
  7. Lynn Hageman

    This is wonderful. Loved seeing your interview on ABC . Congratulations

    27th February 2015 Reply
  8. CHRISTINE edwards

    Congratulations and such a nice class, would love to join a class with you one day

    27th February 2015 Reply
  9. Hi Anna
    I have visited the Marie Selby Gardens several times and it is a truly beautiful place.
    I admire your work very much and enjoy your regular newsletter.
    Thank you.

    27th February 2015 Reply
    1. Anna Mason

      Thanks so mich for your lovely comment Christina!

      6th March 2015 Reply
  10. janice

    Excellent interview, I was in the class but not in the clip – well done!

    24th October 2015 Reply

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